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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: NovaLogic, Inc.

Year: 1993

Genre: strategy fps




Ultrabots (or Xenobots) is a strategy game with elemenatmi simulations and FPS released in 1993 by Electronic Arts. The game was released for PC (DOS).
The game takes place somewhere in the near future, at a time when humanity is slowly beginning to recover after the invasion of an alien civilization. After the last war with strangers, the remains of their weapons were left to humanity - giant mechs. From these parts, humanity has learned to create its own robots - which it plans to use along with the next invasion of aliens on Earth. And this one came faster than anyone suppressed ...
In the game, you play the mech pilot. Under your command there are several mechs that you can control at any moment depending on the strategy chosen. Each robot has a slightly different weaponry which determines your strategic actions (eg Scorpion is very slow but its strength is strong armor and can "put" on the ground). Remember that after each battle robots need to be repaired at what time you have.


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