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Publisher: Sierra On-Line

Developer: Dynamix, Inc.

Year: 1996

Genre: adventure




Rama is an adventure game released in 1996 by Sierra On-Line. The game was released for Macintosh, PC (DOS) and PlayStation.
Rama is a first-person science-fiction adventure game. It tells about the fate of a man sent with an entire expedition called "Newton's Team" into space to study a huge cylindrical object that was discovered a few years earlier in the solar system. This object was named by the people of Earth the "Rama". After reaching the destination, it turns out to be a gigantic alien ship that contains entire cities. Two of them are called London and Bangkok, the player's team will have the opportunity to visit during the game. During the expedition, the player will have to face numerous logical and mathematical puzzles in order to progress. He will have to solve problems not only in the well-known decimal system, but also in octal and 6. Peaceful exploration and learning about alien culture is not the only thing Rama will have to offer. At some point, the player will have to face a secret mission, the stake of which will be the existence of the entire planet Earth.


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