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Publisher: Play Byte

Developer: Ego Software

Year: 1992

Genre: platform logical




UGH! is a platform-logic game. The game was released by Play Byte in 1992. UGH! It appeared on Amiga and PC computers.
In the game we control a man from the Stone Age. Our hero is working in a prehistoric transport campaign. As a tool of work is something like the ancestor of the present helicopter. Our mission is to bring passengers to designated stops in the foreseeable time. Keep in mind that you should always be careful when landing on passengers. As the level of difficulty increases, problems begin to pile up, and this cave floods the water again and the flying birds are trying to get us down. While the action of the game takes place on one screen, it plays out for hours. Especially if we play with another player in a co-op.
Although the graphics are not as good as the music is scanty, but it pulls in. You can spend a lot of time in the game.

Install notes:
Note. When downloading the version for Amiga, you need to have the original ROM version 1.3.


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