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Publisher: Infogrames

Year: 1989


North and South is a strategy game with arcade elements. The game came to light in 1989. The game was created for Amiga, Atarti ST and PC.
North and South are set in a time of civil war in the United States. Before the game, choose the confederate (south) or union (north). In addition, we can choose levels of difficulty and add-ons such as the attacks of the Indians (Mexican), storms. The game allows two players to play, which greatly enhances the game's appeal.
The main game screen is a map of the United States divided into states. We start with two armies and several states. The purpose of the game is to seize the whole territory. The game is divided into several games: battlefield, attack on the fort and attack on the train with money. Each stage is very dynamic. Keep in mind that money taken by the train is very important in the game. When the safe is full, we get another army - which is not trivial in the game.
Despite the years (1989), the game continues to play like years ago. Although the graphical and sound effects do not knock, the gameplay is very addictive. In general, play the game you want to play.


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