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Description of LEGO CHESS

Lego Chess is a puzzle game released in 1998 by LEGO Media International, Inc. The game was released for PC (Windows).

Lego Chess is nothing but chess in which figures are people from Lego bricks (including pirates, cowboys, Indians, sailors, etc.). During the game, the computer may indicate potential movements of the selected figure. In addition, when the figures are taken - a random animation is played, in which there are Lego figures depicting given figures. In addition to the standard chess game, you can play a mini adventure - these are three games against the computer.

Install notes: If you are using a 64-bit system, follow tips. Open the folder containing the game and install it by running setup32.exe . Then install LEGO_Chess_Patch_v2.06b located in the Patches directory. Now install chesscdfix.exe . At the end, copy the Text.txt file to the place where you installed the game.
Besides, to start the game, you may need to install the nGlide package (you will find it in the Utilities section).

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MickYayger 2023-11-25
Hello. I have figured out how to play the game. Here are the steps.
1. Download PCem (version v17 is fine).
2. Google pcemwin98se, download that and add/extract it to the PCem folder. This is your windows 98 special edition, and this saves you from setting everything in win98 up yourself.
3. Download the Lego Chess .iso file from archive DOT org /details/lego-chess
4. Launch windows 98 from your PCem app.
5. (you may need to look up how to do this) mount the Lego Chess iso in your PCem win 98 emulation, and then run it.
6. Install Lego chess. It will now work, but the graphics will be a little wonky.
7. Go to start -> programs -> - > Lego Media -> In Lego Chess Config, change the graphics driver to Voodoo2 Direct.
8. Launch game! Woooo, there you go :D NOSTALGIA!

nicepearlbox 2021-07-01
i need to play this game

Franklin 2021-05-16
I like Lego chess and I would like to play with it

sira 2020-06-05
ok so i want to play lego chess but i cant find it online do you know i site where i can find it?