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Publisher: Krisalis Software

Developer: Krisalis Software

Year: 1993

Genre: platform arcade logical




Arabian Nights platform-arcade game with logic elements embedded in the world of fairy tales 1001 and night. The game came out of Krisalis Software studio.
It was just another day of the week. You, the second-class gardener, take care of the garden and sigh to the princess. Although you know that too high threshold for you, you dream about your lady. Suddenly ... thunder from the clear sky. Demon kidnaps your princess. You're running to help her, but nothing. The palace guards drove you and settled in the underground dungeons. And here's your adventure. In the palace dungeons.
In the game you control the gardener. Your task is to save the princess from the ghostly demon. The game is very well integrated into the fairy tale. By going beyond the platform and avoiding enemies, we also need to solve a variety of puzzles. Sometimes, when we are at the end of the level, we have to go back to the beginning because we did not take an important object.
The game is exclusively for Amiga. Arabian Nights is a very dynamic game, graphically impeccable, musically we can not fault anything. This is a very well done puzzle-platform game. The great plus of the game is the introduction of logic elements.

Install notes:
To play the game, use the original Amiga roms (eg AmigaROM 1.3).


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