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Publisher: Id Software

Developer: Raven Software

Year: 1994

Genre: fps shooter




Heretic, the first person shooter (FPS) released in 1994 by id Software. The game was released on PCs and Macintosh PCs.
The game is set in the dark fantasy world, just after the failed power take over by three brothers called Serpent Riders. In Heretic, we play the elf (Sidhe), whose goal is to take revenge on the Serpent Riders. Your first goal is to fight the undead hordes (zombies) in the place of rituals. In the Hell's Maw you must close the portal to prevent further invasion of evil powers. The end of your adventure is a safe return home.
Heretic is a game based on the Doom engine. But the engine was enriched by, among others. looking up and down and improving audiovisual impressions


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