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Publisher: Infogrames

Developer: 221b Software Developments

Year: 1992

Genre: arcade




Alcatraz, a game released in 1992 by Infogrames for Amiga, PC and Atari ST. Initially, Alcatraz was to be the sequel to another game from Infogrames, Hostage. However, it was decided that the game would be released as a separate production.
It is 1996. and the United States government expelled war on drug cartels. The main target is the cartel boss called Miguel Tardiez. Tardiez is on Alcatraz Island, it's an exile. So we have to get to the island and take over Miguel, while doing extra missions. Our mission is limited, the helicopter will wait for our commandos only for two hours.
We start the game just after the boats arrive on the island. Alcatraz is a pre-game for two players. Even though you enable the game for one player, the screen will be split into two parts. The game is divided into stages. Stage 'side scrolling', the basic gameplay and stage in buildings. The most interesting part is 'side scrolling' here we have to avoid Tardiez's thugs, and it's hiding behind the walls, sometimes jumping bombs, and then a few more have to be removed. There are several weapons in the game. We only have a knife. After killing the thugs we will be able to take over their weapons. This can be a machine gun, flamethrower, bomb or knife. We can only change weapons if we are behind a wall or in a building.


Amiga     Atari ST     PC    

The Amiga version does not require the original rom. You can start the game using AROS provided with the WinUEA emulator. It is best to set at least 1 Mb of Chip RAM.

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