F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Games listed on this website are copyright - free?

The games featured on this site fall under the category of "abandonware," indicating that they are no longer actively sold or supported by their original creators or publishers. These downloads find a home on Archive.org, benefiting from DMCA exemptions dedicated to preserving vintage software. Our mission centers on archival copies of these games, preventing their potential loss. Further insight into this DMCA exemption is available at: https://archive.org/about/dmca.php.

We uphold a stringent stance towards copyright concerns and promptly address complaints from copyright holders. Any game flagged by its copyright owner for removal will be promptly taken down from our website. If you possess the copyright or licensing rights to a game archived here and wish for its removal, kindly reach out to us https://abandonwaregames.net/contact.

Are game archives safe?

Yes, we thoroughly check all archives for viruses and other potentially dangerous applications. However, it may happen that antivirus programs report an issue. In most cases, these are false positives.

Will I be able to download all games for free from this website?

Unfortunately, no. Some games are available for purchase again through digital distribution platforms such as GOG.com, Steam, Fanatical, and other legitimate sources. For these games, we will provide you with links where you can legally purchase them.