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Publisher: AtariSoft

Developer: Atari Inc.

Year: 1984

Genre: arcade classics




Gremlins, a arcade game released in 1984 by Atarisoft. The game was released for most 8-bit computers and PCs. The prototype appeared on the Atari 5200 console.
The plot of the game is based on a movie hit with the same title. The purpose of the Gremlins is to shut down all Mogwais from the farm. The task seems easy. It's one thing but. As you remember from the movie, the little sweet Mogwais will turn into Gremilny if they eat something after 23 o'clock. Besides, they can not help. Again, we come back to the movie: the drenched Mogwais breeds, so you have more work. And time is running out ...
Gremlins is another classic in our resources. Players of the 80's will launch this title, even to remind themselves of the times of 8-bit computers.



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