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Publisher: Coktel Vision

Developer: Coktel Vision




Gobliiins, a point-and-click adventure game released in 1991 by Coktel Vision. The game was developed for Amiga, Atari ST and PC.
The three goblins go on a journey through the fairytale to find the antidote for their King Angoulafre. The king suffers from a strange disease - and the only way is an antidote that can only be made by one person in the world - Niak the sorcerer. Your task is to find Niak and get the medicine for the king.
As previously mentioned, in the game you control three goblins. Each of them has specific skills. One is Asgard, a warrior who has more courage than reason. He is the only one in the group can climb. The second goblin in the crew is Ignatius, a wizard - with the ability to move or revive objects. The last of the group is Oups, a technical goblin. As the only one in the group can lift the front and use it.
The goblin world is very colorful - the graphics are high, but the sound is minimal. Still, the game returns with great pleasure after many years. We recommend this item to every point and click fan.

Install notes:
The game for Amiga requires an original rom, eg Kickstart 1.3.
The game for Apple computers, you start using the emulator Basilisk II.


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