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Description of NEXT LIFE

In Next Life, the player takes on the role of Adam Raichl, a 23-year-old technician. His adventure begins during a stay on a mysterious island with people from all over the world. None of them know the answers to the questions of where they came from or where they are. Neither of them knows what the date is - each is from a different year. The protagonist moves to the island when, while driving to work in the car, he answers the phone. This decision is costing him his life. It falls under the wheels of a speeding tanker. However, there is no awareness of what happened. He sees a glow at the end of the tunnel he follows. He wakes up in a strange place that he has no idea about.

During the game, we can get acquainted with the various locations around which the story is built. It is extremely convoluted and complicated. The inhabitants of the island where the main character is found appear and disappear with the advent of the next days.

Am I in Heaven, in Hell or have I been kidnapped? Such questions are asked by the player who plays the role of the main character. We get gradual answers to them along with the course of the game. The game is extremely dark and gives us phantasmagoric associations. During the game, the player has to solve new puzzles. In the course of the plot, we get gradual answers to the questions we ask ourselves.

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