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Description of HYPERBLADE

In the world of the future, classic sport has been replaced by brutal struggles between two teams. Although its rules are similar to hockey, matches take place in oval arenas full of deadly traps and power-ups that increase the players' abilities. The task of each team is to score as many goals as possible, but the key to success is also skillful elimination of rivals.

Each player is equipped with a blade, which is used for hand-to-hand combat and to collect items available in the arena (e.g. mines). With its help, you can injure or kill an opponent, in Hyperblade it is even possible to take over his severed head and use it to score another point.

The creators have provided the player with 12 teams, and each of them can boast its own arena. The players representing them have different characteristics, so some are more agile, while others are better at direct clashes with opponents. Although the production requires a slightly strategic approach, it is mainly focused on spectacular action.

Depending on your preferred settings, matches can last 3, 5 or 7 minutes.

Install notes: If you run the game on Windows 10, you can install it using otvdm or simply copy the contents of the disc to some folder. Then copy the Patch file to the place where you copy / install the game.
Some computers may have graphics problems, but only on the Start screen.

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