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Description of HOOLIGANS

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe is a real-time strategy game set in the stadium and the streets of the city. The player commands groups of hooligans and hooligans, demolishing shops, making trouble in order to kill fans of other football teams.

At the beginning of the game, we have to set up a profile, choose jerseys and a football club. Then we go to training. This is the first mission under the watchful eye of a fan-mentor who reprimands our team for each unsuccessful mission.

When we start the game, we learn to manage a group of fans. We have several types of characters, commanders that we have to defend, if the commander dies, we will get hit solidly from our mentor. We have fast and agile characters, the so-called rats, a party animal, a typical hooligan and a motorcycle rider, and a bulldog. Each of these characters has unique characteristics and performs different actions. Kibol rat loots residential buildings, the partygoer distracts the law enforcement officers, disturbing the peace with loud music and dancing. The hooligan can throw Molotov cocktails and other items. Bulldog - our muscle, can knock over various objects, break fences. Thanks to these features, we choose the right characters for a given fight. We can make our fans intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. These substances change their behavior. We have to get money for stimulants or various entertainment. We can rob shops, we just have to distract the police and not get caught.

Install notes: Before running, read the information in the HowToPlay.txt file. If you have problems with performance - start the game with dxWnd.

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Rax Nahali 2022-08-07
I have the game installed but the mouse is "choppy" and makes the game unplayable on my win10 pc. Trying to figure out what to do about it.