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Publisher: Id Software

Year: 1996

Genre: fps




Quake, an FPS (First Person Shooter) game released by Id Software in 1996. This is the first episode of the series under the name Quake.
Gameplay takes place in labyrinths, set in the atmosphere of medieval castle. Your task is to survive. At the disposal, the authors of the game have prepared a very extensive range of weapons. In order to pass the level, the player must find the right door keys and find the fake exit of the maze. Before the expedition, the player can decide the level of difficulty by choosing the appropriate "entrance to the maze".
Contrary to the predecessor (talk about Doom game), graphics are generated using hardware acceleration (3D acceleration) and OpenGL engine. This makes the game more dynamic and more realistic. FPS fans can not know this title. The graphics engine has been used for many other productions, which demonstrates the high quality of the product.
An added bonus is the ability to play multiplayer.

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