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Description of LORDS OF MAGIC

Lords of Magic is a strategy game released in 1997 by Sierra On-Line. The game was released for PC (Windows).

For many players it was the first meeting with strategy games. The gameplay is very similar to the one we know from Heroes of Might and Magic, with the difference that the battles are played in real time. It depicts the rivalry between eight different religions associated with one of the eight elements - water, fire, earth, air, chaos, order, life and death. The main evil is Lord Balkoth, who wants to destroy all other religions in the name of his god Golghot. In this way, the world of the game is engulfed in war, as a result of which followers of other religions must join forces in the fight against Balkoth.

After choosing a faction, we are thrown into the corresponding fragment of a large map. From this moment the fate of the land of Urak depends on us. Depending on your choice, you'll get access to warriors assigned to a given religion. Traveling the world of the game, we'll be able to recruit representatives of different races in our ranks. Our troops will be led by the heroes of one of the classes: warrior, magician or thief. Our task will be to build the capital, strengthen the army and save Urak from the lord's death.

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