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Publisher: Atari

Developer: Creative Edge Software

Year: 1995

Genre: strategy rts




Baldies is a strategy game (RTS) released in 1995 by Atari Corp. The game was released for PC (DOS / Windows) and Atari Jaguar, SEGA Saturn and PlayStation.
The Baldies game is similar to many strategic games in real time. You start with a limited number of "natives" with which you build buildings, increase population and create the necessary weapon. The game has four classes of Baldies - builders, scientists, soldiers and workers / farmers. Baldies offers several types of buildings, among others houses (small, medium, large and huge), scientific laboratories and barracks. Each building has specific properties that help destroy the enemy.

Install notes: Install the game with the Setup95.exe command. Due to its age, the game works very fast (ie all animations are very fast). To improve the game's comfort, you can install the CPUKiller3 program. Alternatively, copy the files from the MS folder of the dgVooDoo package to the game directory and then in the dgVooDoo Control Panel - in the DirectX tab, select force VSync.


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