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Publisher: TopWare Interactive

Developer: Metropolis Software House

Year: 1999

Genre: rpg strategy




Gorky 17 is a Polish production from the border of many species. We will find here elements of horror, adventure, strategy or elements taken from RPG games. Created in a three-dimensional environment, it presents events in isometric projection. It gives great opportunities to explore the environment and tactical freedom of combat.
The plot of the game is based on conducted experiments, which aimed to create the perfect soldier. They took place in one of the Polish cities in a secret military base modeled on one of the Russian bases. While the base in Russia was completely destroyed, strange things are starting to happen around Poland and mutated creatures appear.
The action carried out by the research department ends in failure and disappearance of the entire unit. Then the best of the best come into play, whose task is to find and bring back previously sent scientists.
Gorky 17 is characterized by refined graphics and climatic music that increases tension. This is an amazing production modeled on the best games of various genres.

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