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Description of PANDEMONIUM!

Pandemonium! is a three-dimensional platformer that takes the player to a fantastic land full of magic. Playing the role of one of the two heroes, we try to reverse the damage that we unknowingly committed, sending our city to destruction.

The sorceress Nikki and the jester Fargus cast a spell that summoned a terrible monster by mistake. The monster turned their home to dust along with the entire city and its inhabitants. The only salvation was to reach a mysterious artifact that fulfilled all wishes. Only in this way can the heroes repair their damage.

Before the beginning of each stage of the game, the player can decide which of the heroes he wants to play. Nikki is a skilled acrobat who can jump higher than her friend. In turn, Fargus is distinguished by strength and has an additional attack, which is very useful during combat. The game uses classic game mechanics of this type. By moving on the platforms, we collect bonuses and dodges, or we fight against numerous opponents.

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