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Publisher: Virgin Games

Developer: Probe Software Ltd.

Year: 1990

Genre: arcade




Golden Ax, an arcade game released in 1990 by Sega. At the Golden Ax, it was only possible to play arcade games, later transferred to Amiga, Aari ST, PC, C64, ZX Spectrum, SNES consoles and much more.
Your task in the game is to save the king of fantasy land (his daughter) and - the title - Golden Topra. Golden Ax is set in the fantasy world of Yuria. As we wrote earlier, your task is to save Golden Topra from Death Adder. For this purpose, before the expedition, you choose your hero. There are three characters in the game: Gilius Thunderhead, the brave dwarf ax, Barbarian Ax Battler, and the Tyris Flare Amazon. Each character is armed with unique weapons and can use magic.
Gameplay is mainly a fight with armed people, giants or animated skeletons. The game also features Duel mode, where you stand in the arena and fight with ever stronger enemy.
Golden Ax, when it was born, was a very popular game, especially the multiplayer mode. Surely many of you spent at least several dozen hours playing it. Can you remember the good old days?


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