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Publisher: Gremlin Interactive

Developer: Electronic Arts

Year: 1993

Genre: arcade strategy




Desert Strike, an arcade-strategy game published by Electronic Arts in 1993. The game was developed for Amiga, PC, and Sega consoles.
In the Middle East, the dictator is planning a military action that will take over the world. His plan gets into the hands of American intelligence. Unfortunately, after hearing our agent died. The American army does not want to launch another war, choosing the anonymous - the best - people to carry out the action. One of them is you. Your task is to complete a military mission by commanding the Apache AH-64 assault helicopter at the enemy. You must rescue allied soldiers while you are on another mission. Before you go on a mission, it is presented in a briefing. At your disposal are a helicopter, several Hellfire and Hydra missiles and a cannon. Remember, your ammunition and fuel are not unlimited. Weapons and fuel must be acquired during the mission. During the mission you have the ability to preview the map, where you will check what missions you still have to perform. Also on the map you have a list of locations of enemy units, which makes it much easier to conduct the action.

The game is graphically presented above the average, the musical setting as well as the sound effects are refined and very well complement the game setting. Desert Strike, is one of the games that you should play.

Install notes:
Note. Amiga version require original Kickstart 1.3 or higher, because AROS does not allow run the game. The game requires at least 1Mb of Chip RAM.


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