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Description of POWERSLAVE

Powerslave (other titles: Exhumed, Ruins: Return of the Gods) is an action game released in 1996 by Playmates Interactive Entertainment. The game was released for PC (DOS).

Powerslave is an action game - first person shooter (FPS). An unknown foreign force attacked the city of Karnak and isolated it from the rest of the world. Residents were tortured, turning them into servant mummies. Even the mummy of King Ramses was not spared. After many unsuccessful attempts to free the city from the hands of strangers - you were chosen to save Karnak and all residents.

The game starts with only a machete on your armament, while traveling you will also find other weapons, e.g. revolver, grenades or flamethrowers. In addition, wandering through the mazes, cities, you will be able to replenish your energy collecting goblets with blood. Powerslave in single player mode contains 20 levels.

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Oiler 2020-12-24
There is a modern unofficial remake of this game, for PC, called Powerslave EX, direct remake of playstation version of the game

powerslave 2020-11-13
please could you tell how open the game on pc

Clyde3D 2020-04-05
I played this on the playstation. Very fun.