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Publisher: Akella

Developer: Team17 Software Limited

Year: 2002

Genre: action puzzle




Worms Blast is an action game released in 2002 by Akell. The game was released for Macintosh, PC (Windows), GameCuba and PlayStation.
Worms: Blast is the next installment of a series of fighting worms. The action of the game takes place at sea. Our task is to destroy the enemy ship. As in the previous games, we will have a fairly large arsenal of weapons, e.g. grenades, bazookas. In addition, the game also features a few special attacks, such as sea monsters.
During the fight, we will be disturbed by colored bricks, which, fortunately, we can destroy. Some difficulty will be the fact that in order to destroy bricks, we have to use weapons of the same color. Otherwise, the bricks will change to the color used on the weapon.
The game has 60 fun missions in which we can play with another player or the computer.

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