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Description of TLON

Tlon: The Misty Story is a point & click game with action elements, the production is based on the story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius from 1940 by the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The production, however, shows a different approach to the original story.

The plot tells the story of a modest villager Biatec, who one day goes to the nearby marshes and accidentally comes across a horse skeleton and abandoned armor. Suddenly, the hero realizes that he once lived a completely different life. He was a knight seeking the Symbol of Creation, an artifact purportedly responsible for the destruction of the ancient land of Tlön. He fell off his horse during the journey and lost his memory as a result of hitting his head against a stone. Now she decides to go back to her mission.

Tlon is a dark production that represents the classic genre, but also introduces new elements to it. The gameplay is therefore based on exploring locations, collecting items, talking to NPCs and solving puzzles. There is also an action in it, because the player collects elements of combat gear and then uses them in combat. Interestingly, the user also needs to ensure that Biatec is properly nourished during the trip.

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