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Year: 1994

Genre: strategy economics




Transport Tycoon, a strategic-economic game released in 1994 by Microprose. The game was developed for PCs and Macintosh computers and the PSX and Sega consoles.
You control the transport company. You need to manage the means of transport such as rail, cars, ships or planes to maximize profits. You start in the year 1930, the end in 2050. At start you get a loan from the bank to start your business. Depending on the year in which you are located, you can use the inventions that are available in the years. In the game you have to build roads and railways to meet the needs of cities and factories (for example, coal you need to deliver to a power plant, iron deliveries to an ironworks, then to a factory, etc.).
The game ends (as we mentioned) in 2050. If you manage to keep the business for so long, then the game does not run out of time. Tycoon transport can end in 40 hours, but still - it's worth playing and feeling like a transport magnate.
Graphically and soundly the game is presented on average. Still, the game is fun - all buildings are very clear and the name in the map view, we see the most important information.


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