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Publisher: Interplay Productions

Developer: Interplay Productions, Inc.

Year: 1994

Genre: fps arcade




Descent, a fps game released in 1994 by Interplay Productions. The game was released for PC personal computers, later also converted to PlayStation and Macintosh.
The action begins at the briefing, where the anonymous head of the corporation Post Terran Minerals Corporation, orders you to eliminate robots that have been infected with a deadly virus. You will be traveling through the solar system - visiting the next planet and the moon - where you will fight the robots.
In the game you will control single-person spaceships, and the main plot - it's traversing many labyrinths and fighting robots.
Descent, as the first FPS game, made it possible to move not only left, right, back and front, but also the ability to ascend and descend. Graphically the game is on a very good level, also the dynamics of the game will not let you go away quickly from the keyboard. An additional advantage of Descent is the ability to play multiplayer.

Install notes: Note. In DosBOX limit the number of cycles.



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