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Description of WOLFENSTEIN 3D

Wolfenstein 3D, a FPS game released in 1992 by Id Software. The game was created for PCs.

In this game you play as an Allied soldier who was captured by Nazi soldiers and placed in a fortress during a secret mission. Now it depends on you whether you can escape safely from captivity. On the way, in the labyrinth of the fortress, you will encounter German soldiers and dogs that will want to prevent you from escaping. In the fortress are placed many secret chambers and passages from which you will often use. Your only "friends" will be found on the way to the first aid kit and ammunition to the gun. Wolfenstein may seem like a primitive game, but keep in mind that it is a precursor to the FPS genre.

The game was technically groundbreaking. In the days when there were no graphics cards with 3D graphics support, the creator managed to write a game that partially imitated the 3D world. The game uses Ray-Casting to render graphics. Such a small scam;)

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vvvwas 2019-11-17
spent many hours back in the day playing this.