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Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive

Developer: 3000AD, Inc.

Year: 2004

Genre: action




Universal Combat is an action game released in 2004 by DreamCatcher Interactive. The game was released for PC (Windows).
Universal Combat is a space simulator, 5 already part of the Battlecruiser series. The game was created with great momentum, thanks to the huge map of the universe and the introduction of many elements of dynamic action. Do you want to become a commander of a huge spacecraft, traverse the universe with a small agile shuttle, or lead a group of space soldiers to battle? In this game you will find all these elements.
Universal Combat lets you explore over 250 planets inhabited by 12 different races. The game map is huge. No time compression was used, accelerating movement, therefore exploration will take a lot of time. On our way we will encounter over 500 different combat spacecraft, which will certainly make our time more enjoyable.
The game offers single player and multiplayer gameplay (up to 64 players simultaneously). There are 25 main missions and 15 side scenarios to complete. It will give us many hours of pleasant gameplay. Since 2008, you can fully download the full version of the game legally for free, without multiplayer.


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