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Publisher: WizardWorks Group

Developer: Action Forms Ltd.

Year: 1999

Genre: action shooter fps




Carnivores 2 is an action game released in 1999 by the WizardWorks Group. The game was released for PC (Windows) and PlayStation.
Carnivores 2 is a shooter that takes the player to the planet FMM UV-32, millions of light years away from Earth. The player's task is to hunt creatures inhabiting this distant planet. They look just like dinosaurs extinct on Earth! The game uses a point system - for each killed dinosaur, the player receives points, thanks to which he can buy more effective weapons and other accessories such as maps that help to track animals and whistles that will lure them. Initially, the player's account has 100 points, thanks to which he can purchase the simplest weapon and a license that allows you to shoot selected creatures. Advances in entertainment make it possible to hunt new, more and more intelligent species and develop equipment that facilitates hunting. Carnivores 2 has as many as 15 species of dinosaurs that differ in the degree of aggressiveness, the degree of taming and the size. Depending on their character, they can also run away or defend themselves and try to kill the player.


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