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Publisher: Strategic Simulations

Developer: Raven Software Corporation

Year: 1996

Genre: action shooter




Necrodome is an action game released in 1996 by Strategic Simulations. The game was released for PC (Windows).
The world of the future is, according to the creators of the game "Necrodome", not very encouraging to life universe. Although the development of technology may surprise you, the standard of living has dropped significantly. In order to defuse social unrest a bit, arenas have been created in the behemoth cities of the United States, where the warriors of the future will clash. The player's task is, of course, to remain undefeated, because only the winner can survive in a cruel tournament. Using firearms and driving armored vehicles, we will have to eliminate all enemies. The task will be made easier by various weapons (remember about running out of ammunition) and the aforementioned vehicles. Each board also has a lot of elements that make life difficult (e.g. laser cannons, rocket launchers or lava pits). One of the most interesting elements of the game "Necrodome" is the multiplayer mode - two people can create a team and get into one car (in this case one of the players drives the machine and the other shoots).


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