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Publisher: Activision
Developer: Raven Software
Year: 1999


Heretic II, adventure game (with elemenatmi arcade), released in 1998 by Activision. Original game appeared on PC personal computers, then converted to other platforms such as Amiga, Macintosh and Linux systems.
The game is a continuation of the adventure from the first part of the game. Upon returning to his hometown, Curvus discovers that the city is infected by an unknown plague. The disease causes all the inhabitants to fall into strange diseases but does not kill. Curvus makes the only right decision - he must find the cause of the plague and save the city.
Heretic II, in contrast to the predecessor, is a change primarily in the way of control as well as change of view. We watch games from the perspective of the third person. Heretic II, also changes in the audiovisual frame, which we like very much. Recommended.



Game installation notes
To install the game, go to setup and run setup.exe (from the main directory you will not be able to install the game). Then, download this file and copy (replace) the target folder where you installed the game.

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