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Description of THE PUNISHER

The Punisher is an action game released in 2005 by THQ Inc. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation 2 and XBox consoles.

Game based on the adventures of Marvel's comic hero - Frank Castle known as The Punisher. The action of the game is presented from the third person view.

The plot of the game is primarily revenge on criminals who killed the Frank family. As The Punisher decides to sacrifice his life to punish those responsible for this crime. The action takes place in the dark locations of New York and your weapon is smartness and a weapon that you will have the opportunity to find during your adventure.

Install notes: Install the game from the disc images. After installation, copy the PUN.EXE file from the first installation CD (from the HOODLUM folder) to the directory in which you installed the game.

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matt 2021-06-18
it says that the code execution cannot proceed cause binkw32.dll was not found. any tips?

Belp 2021-02-19
When you mount CD1 > Right Click > Open > HODULUM > Copy the contents of the folder to you your Punisher installation folder.

Erik 2020-12-22
I installed the game on my PC using the three discs but when I try to play it asks me to insert Punisher CD-1 into cd rom drive. Any help on what I need to do next?

woa 2020-06-20
I remember playing only demo when i was about 10 yo. Was worth it until my parents forbade me from playing it :D

LLLLL 2020-05-25
I remember playing this game when I was young. All the memories and the action-packed scenes in this game was something else during the PS2 era. Thanks for making this available on PC :)

seif 2020-05-05
i like that game

Ali 2020-02-04
One of my first games as a kid, thanks for making it available on pc for free ;)

Andrew 2019-11-18
I like that game

game 2019-10-29
After i Instilled the game it sad load Disk 1 I did that and it does not work at all can anyone Help ???? I burned Disk1 -Disk2-Disk3

Joe joy 2019-10-22
Its a nice game and intersting game

Jackson malesa 2019-06-16
I really love this game with all my heart