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Description of VIETCONG

Vietcong is an action game (FPS) released in 2003 by Gathering of Developers. The game was released for PC (Windows).

The Vietcong action takes place during the war in Vietnam. You play as an American soldier who will perform the assigned missions. During the game you will have to blend in with the wild jungle vegetation that surrounds you - in some cases this will be your only chance to survive. Vietcong is no different than other types of production with one exception. During the game you will be able to arm with a knife (a regular item), one hand weapon (if you want to pick up an enemy weapon, you must throw away yours), one rifle, grenades and other additional things like a map or healing kit. In addition to the single player mode, we can play online via the network.

Install notes: How to install the game for 64-bit systems: Install the game from the included disk images. Then install the patches in the order: Patch_Vietcong_1.0_to_1.30.exe, Patch_Vietcong_1.3_to_1.41.exe and Patch_Vietcong_1.6.exe. Finally copy the files from the archive to the game installation location.

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