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Publisher: U.S. Gold

Year: 1992

Genre: arcade fighting




Street Fighter II, is a sequel to the same title released in 1988. The second part of the game was created in 1992 by US Gold (computer version) under the Capcom license. Game released for Amiga, Atari ST, C64, ZX Spectrum, MSX, PC and SEGA consoles.
The game does not have any more profound history, you just have to turn around with your opponents scattered throughout the world to prove that you are the best, and that you are the equal of a warrior. In the game you have the opportunity to play one-man or two-person. In the single player game you have three additional bonus levels (later on). Street fighter is a typical arcade game, you have the ability to set difficulty (0-7) and combat time (max 100 seconds) before the game starts. Then you choose your warrior. You can choose from eight characters: Ryu and Honda from Japan, Blanka from Brazil, Guile and Ken from USA, Chun-Li from China, Zangief from Russia and Dhalism from India. Each hero has unique abilities that can be used in combat. With single player you will be able to earn points in bonus levels. There are three stages in the game: Smash the Car, Rolling Barrels and Break the Silos.
Graphic game in manga style. Very nice and colorful graphics. Music and sound effects are also high. Anyone who played Mortal Kombat must play Street Fighter II.


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