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Publisher: Acid Software

Year: 1993

Genre: racing arcade




Skidmarks, a racing game (arcade) released in 1993 by the Acid Software studio. The game was released on Amiga computers.
In the game we play the driver of the monstertruck race car and we will be on a few routes available in the game. There are several types of cars to choose from, which differ in appearance.
Skidmarks, this game is very fine in terms of graphics and sound. During the race, the car is nicely animated and leaves traces behind. The game offers two players mode, which is a very desirable mode in this type of games. Singles, despite the good audiovisual setting, are bored quickly. However, it is worth to see and play with Skidmarks.

Install notes: The game requires a minimum of 1Mb of RAM memory (up to 2 types of vehicles). More memory - these are more types of cars at the same time in the game.


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