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Description of INSTINCT

Instinct is an action game released in 2007 by Wild Hare Entertainment, LLC. The Instinct action was inspired by real events taking place in North Korea. The player moves along with the plot to a certain military-research complex, located in the mountainous North Korean areas. Your mission is to infiltrate this facility. Well, suppositions and rumors indicate that secret work on a killer virus, work codenamed Instinct, is being carried out within the walls of the center.

Playing the role of one of the three elite agents for special tasks (the choice between two men and a woman) you will face an attempt to solve a mystery in which the Russian side is also involved. In the depths of the mountain base, you will face various enemies, terrorists, Korean soldiers, and mutated individuals that have already been infected. To avoid and destroy opponents, you will use various types of weapons, including with assault rifles or crossbows. You will also use your hand-to-hand combat skills as well as your improvisation skills, extremely useful in changing conditions and environments. Tight spaces or open rooms require a slightly different approach and tactics, and choosing the right option is up to you.

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