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Publisher: Id Software

Developer: Raven

Year: 1995

Genre: fps rpg




Hexen, an FPS game (with RPG elements) released in 1995 by Id Software. The game has been released for PCs, Macintosh computers, and Nontendo 64 consoles, Saturn and PlayStation. There is also a version for Amiga computers - it is a conversion of the original title.
Hexen is a game maintained in the dark magic world. The goal is to find and kill the demon Korax. In the game we have the ability to choose a character (from three available races): magician, warrior or cleric. Each character is characterized by other features, such as the warrior will swing and use secrets weapons, magic - it clings to spells and cleric - well - faith makes miracles :) Selection is a very important factor of the game - the authors ensure that from the selected character - on our Other objects and enemies with slightly different skills will appear.
Hexen is a game more similar to Doom (blast everything you meet on the way) than to RPG (Dungeon Master is not it). If you are not very well-knit on the RPG (you like such elements) - Hexen will surely be a thunderbolt for you.


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