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Publisher: Microprose

Developer: Sid Meier

Year: 1991

Genre: strategy




Civilization, a strategic game released in 1991 by Microprose. The game was created for Amiga, Stari ST and PC.
The aim of the game is to develop your civilization from the beginning of humanity to the times that are going on somewhere in the future. You can win in several ways. One is to create a space ship and send people to another planet, the other - to destroy all other civilizations and the third one, you have to be elected to the UN assembly as a leader. The game is based on a turn-based system. Civilization is a very complex game. Bad decisions taken at the beginning of the civilization journey may slow down (or even stop the civilization progression). In the game you have to cooperate with other civilizations, trade with them and have alliances. You will not win. Choose the right strategy and lead your civilization to the golden age of mankind.
Civilization is a very elaborate strategy game. You must make decisions at all possible military, commercial, diplomatic levels. The game drags on for very long hours. Graphical and sound game does not knock your leg, but the game is definitely worth recommending to any strategist. Civilization is a classic of the genre.

Install notes:
The Amiga version requires an original ROM (eg, Kickstart 1.3) and 1 Mb of Chip RAM. For the comfort of the game, turn on 4 floppy drives.


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