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Publisher: Mirage

Developer: World Software

Year: 1995

Genre: arcade




Doman. Ardan's sore, arcade game released in 1995 by Mirage. Game available for Amiga.
The action game takes place in the fantasy world. In the game we play the title Domana (or his buddy Baurus). The player's task is to defeat Ardan, the cruel ruler of the mythical world.
Doman is a typical representative of arcade games in which the action moves (scrolls) to the right. Visible references to Franko (apparently - the same producer) and Golden Ax probably not accidental. Our heroes have a few punches, which increases the attractiveness of the game.
Doman is pretty brutal (unless we turn off the effect of "brutality"). Graphically - well, definitely better than Franko, but not enough. As we mentioned, for fans of this type of entertainment.


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