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Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Angel Studios

Year: 1999

Genre: racing




Midtown Madness, a racing game released in 1999 by Microsoft. The game was released for PCs.
The action game takes place in Chicago. In the game we sit at the wheel of one of the 9 cars (including one bus and a truck) and participate in illegal races on the streets of the city.
There are four modes of play available: Blitz, Circuit, Checkpoint and Cruise. In Blitz mode, we need to reach the target as quickly as possible. Circuit, it's racing with other opponents. Checkpoint, we take further control points - in this mode we are interrupted by the police. The last mode of Cruise - here there is no designated destination, we can freely explore the city.
Midtown Madness, was one of the first games in which the (quite) faithfully rebuilt city was made available. Thanks to that, we can move through the streets of Chicago without any limits. If you have enough races on designated routes, then Midtown Madness is sure to fall in love with you. The advantage of the game is undoubtedly the ability to play in multiplayer mode (over the network).

Install notes: The game is in RIP version (without the addons on the CD).


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