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Description of JUST CASUE

Just Cause is an action game released in 2006 by Eidos Interactive. The game was released for PC (Windows),PlayStation and XBox consoles.

Just Cause is a game that once had a group of loyal fans! The game takes place on a fictional island called San Esperito, on which the player acts as a secret agent of the CIA.
The player's main task is to participate in a guerrilla war, which aims to overthrow the dictator of the island. The game has a very rich story, mainly because it was inspired by real events. I am talking about the American invasion of Panama in 1989-1990 called "Operation Just Cause".

The great advantage of this game is the fact that the fictional world created is huge, thanks to which the player has unlimited room for maneuver. In addition, he can use many extras, such as the ability to perform stunt tricks, freedom of movement, or the use of various types of weapons. The creators of Just Cause drew inspiration in other games of this type, but thanks to this they managed to create something unique, and Just Cause has forever entered the history as one of the best sensational games.

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