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Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment Software

Developer: Frontier Developments Ltd.

Year: 2000

Genre: action arcade




Infestation is a kind of shooter in which the player controls a small off-road car. Released in 2000, the game is available on PlayStation and Windows. Ubi Soft Entertainment Software is responsible for its release.
During the game, you drive the aforementioned upgradeable car called ACAM. It is an experimental machine that can transform itself in six different ways. Sometimes it can be an airplane, and sometimes it can be a hovercraft. You, as a representative of the human race, have been called to drive a vehicle that also serves as a weapon. Your goal is to wipe out the Aliens that are spreading at an alarming rate. Shoot them accurately and collect the resources you encounter, which will allow you to improve your vehicle. On the way, you will also come across lost scientists. Don't ignore them, because they can be useful in the later stages of the game.


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