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Description of GIFT

"Gift" is an adventure game released in 2000 by Cryo Interactive Entertainment that parodies already existing games.
In the game, we play the title character named Gift, whose task is to save a kidnapped princess who is convinced that she is Snow White. But why should Gift save the princess? Through the rebellion of characters from famous video games. Many brave people tried to rescue the kidnapped princess, but no one succeeded. Gift is literally the last resort because there is no serious hero left who can handle the task.

"Gift" is a journey through ten different worlds, inspired by popular culture, both games and films. During the game, we visit places such as Tipanica and Star Stressa. While traveling, we avoid obstacles, jump on platforms, fight opponents, etc. The creators of the game also decided to include puzzles in the gameplay. It often turns out that completing certain passages requires deep reflection. It is worth mentioning opponents who, depending on their type, are sensitive to light or darkness.

The game has plenty of hidden items scattered around the boards. Collecting them all allows you to discover the true ending of this extraordinary adventure. "Gift" is a game that combines elements of platforming, puzzles and action to create a unique and fascinating story.

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