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Publisher: GameTek

Year: 1992

Genre: logical




Humans, a puzzle game published by Gametek in 1992. The game was developed for PCs and SEGAs. Humans also have their own conversion for Amiga computers.
As usual, people need help. Like everything in the world, so people have to go through evolution. In this task you have to help them. All inventions such as fire, weapon or wheel, you will have to help them in their invention. You start your adventure with a handful of primitive people (only 4). To achieve your goal you have to work together. A member of the Tribe is capable of solving a task at a specific level.
Humans game is a very addictive game. Every new invention will have to be used in later game elements. All the elements of the game worked out in the smallest detail. Animated characters (Humans) very nicely animated and added a bit of humor. A game for long evenings.

Install notes:
To play Amiga version - set at least 1Mb Chip RAM. You do not need the original rom, you can start the game using AROS.


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