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Description of HELLFORCES

Hellforces is an action game released in 2005 by GMX Media. The plot of Hellforces takes place in the distant future when Dr. Henry Alfred Cole undertakes an experiment with alternative energy sources (he uses the human soul to obtain energy), which results in the unleashing of a real hell on Earth.

Bodies without souls turn into zombies. Worse still, one of such bodies is inhabited by the demon Baphomet, who, when establishing a sect, does everything to open the portal and let Lucifer get to Earth. The player takes on the role of a man who has not been affected by the effects of a terrible experiment and is able to fight the opponent. It will not be so easy, however, because the reach of the sect and Baphomet himself is growing rapidly. This does not discourage our hero, the more that his friend, who disappeared some time ago, was seen among the members of the sect. Therefore, the character must do everything possible to find a close friend and use weapons to deal with the sinister zombies.

Hellforces is a typical first-person shooter in 3D technology. The game consists in overcoming many stages varied thematically (duels on city streets, in a laboratory or in sewers). And an extensive arsenal of weapons (24 tools + additional gadgets) is just waiting for confrontations with soulless creatures.

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