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Publisher: Micro Application

Developer: Load Inc.

Year: 2006

Genre: racing arcade




Mad Tracks is a racing game released in 2006 by Micro Application. The game was released for PC (Windows), Wii and XBox.
Mad Tracks is a colorful and fun racing game. We sit in it at the controls of a number of toy cars, in which we will then participate in amazing races. What makes the game stand out is the unique variety of entertainment guaranteed by ingeniously designed locations and a whole lot of competition in which we can participate (there are over twenty). After collecting four special flags, you can unlock a special battle mode for even more amazing fun.
The game was aimed at mapping children's ideas when playing with cars, hence the control is very simple, and performing spectacular tricks comes with child's ease. The only thing that limits the player is his own dexterity and imagination. Locations, rich in colorful platforms, obstacles, jumps, and a lot of other objects that make the gameplay more attractive, guarantee that every race will bring a lot of fun. Mad Tracks is a great game to improve your mood or add emotion to a boring evening.

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