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Description of BLOODLINE

Bloodline is an action game released in 2005 by Cenega Publishing. The game was released for PC (Windows).

Bloodline is a brutal horror film telling the story of lawyer Jim Card, who becomes the defense attorney of a man accused of massacre of psychiatric staff and patients. A certain Dr. Brown, however, maintains that he is innocent. In his opinion, the evil that is responsible for the slaughter has settled in the sanatorium. Card decides to find out the truth, believes that it is possible thanks to hypnosis. He does not expect that by entering into someone else's memories, he will have to face an indescribable nightmare.

The production combines elements characteristic of horror movies, crime novels and adventure games. The gameplay is about fighting mysterious experiment objects (40 types of enemies) with a rich arsenal of weapons (knife, gun etc.). Logical puzzles and exploration also play an important role in it. A number of terrifying locations await players, including not only a sanatorium for the insane, but also a lighthouse and a cemetery. Bloodline can boast a well-built atmosphere of horror, which is largely influenced, among others, by constant sense of danger.

Install notes: The game takes a long time to load. You should be patient. If you do not want the resolution of the desktop to change after starting the game - copy the files from the SuiFix.rar archive to the installation location.
To have ingame english text: replace the Czech folder with the one provided in archive.

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