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Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar North Ltd.

Year: 2003

Genre: action




Manhunt is an action game released in 2003 by Rockstar Games. The game was released for PC (Windows), PlayStation and XBox.
The main character of Manhunt is James Earl Cash, a murderer sentenced to death by administering poison. The execution is carried out, yet the protagonist wakes up in the cell safe and sound. His "savior" turns out to be the mysterious Lionel Starkweather, who forces him to take part in a brutal game. The protagonist goes to Carcer City, a city overrun by no blood of criminals who have only one goal: to kill Cash. From that moment on, the hero is forced to obey all Starkweather's commands, while fighting for survival. Meanwhile, his every move is recorded by a network of cameras.
Manhunt is a bloody stealth game intended only for adults. The player observes the character from the third person perspective. However, to make it not too easy, in each location the character is presented from the perspective of one of the cameras. This solution forces the player to have good orientation in the field and planning all movements.
Cash is not condemned only to hide from opponents. Thanks to its large arsenal, it can also contribute to reducing their number. Among the available weapons there was, among others for plastic stew bag, glass shard, machete or pistols. Each stealth kill is accompanied by a brutal animation.

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