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Description of COLOBOT

Colobot is an educational production, the aim of which is to develop the player's habits that facilitate learning programming languages ​​such as Java and C ++.

The player takes the role of an astronaut, and his mission becomes to find a new place for humanity. To this end, he visits various planets (including Volcano, Orgenia and Centuria) and performs subsequent tasks (there are 32 of them in total). During the research, he collects materials, fights aliens and erects buildings. Specialized robots are a huge support for the hero. The player has the ability to take manual control over them or program them to perform specific tasks. This can be, for example, mining and transporting resources to the base.

For this purpose, the user uses the CBOT language, created especially for the game. It is a great introduction to understanding the principles of programming with C ++ and Java (e.g. if and else conditional statements).

In Colobot, in addition to the story mode, there are also casual gameplay, challenges and a level creator.

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