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Publisher: MicroProse
Developer: Team 17
Year: 1997


Worms 2, a puzzle-strategy game released in 1997 by MicroProse. The game was released on PC personal computers.
The game is a continuation of well-received game under the same title. In the second part, the authors improved most aspects of the game, ie graphics (both backgrounds, decorations and worms) through the sound and the gameplay ending. Recall, in the game we take control of the team of title worms, and our goal is to win wars (hostile) with hostile teams. Worm2 offers four game modes: single player mode - mission mode, single player game with computer, multiplayer on one computer and network game.
There are several types of games available in the network, such as Roper, Rope Race, Bungee Racer. Each of them is characterized by different control and rules. In Roper mode, the game board is divided into islets, ropes can only be moved, and there are limited weapons.
Worms 2, over the years, is very popular. we recommend



Notes: On some computers you have to install a patch that will download here .

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